There's a love wave shifting through our planet and I would like to share an important message with you...

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Being Stuck Sucks, Right?

I truly believe that life doesn’t happen ‘to’ you but rather ‘for’ you. It keeps me grounded knowing that all the drama and tough terrain I endured in my life was meant to usher me into my highest calling.


After coming to terms with ending a 25 year marriage, being on dialysis for 3 ½ years due to Stage 5 kidney failure, losing sight in my left eye after 8 surgeries, and losing my job right after a kidney transplant, I knew it was a blatant wake up call for me!  And I chose not to press 'snooze.'


I knew there was a greater purpose for me than just being a victim to the twists and turns of life. For years, I let the emotional, physical and mental suffering build up until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So, I consciously pressed the reset button in my life, and that where the magic began to unfold....

Love Wave was created to induce a tsunami of Love across the planet.  After 30+ years in corporate America, I have decided to follow my soul’s calling, serving and leading a mission to teach, impart and demonstrate the undeniable possibilities when we look at life through the lens of love.  


After investing time and money into personal growth and self-development programs and courses, have you realized that your life hasn’t really changed much? It's time to get to the truth...

My Two Daughters, Celine & Bella Are The Fuel Behind My Soul's MISSION TO SERVE...

When I look at life through the lens of love, everything is crystal clear. The picture is vivid and striking. There are no questions to answer.

Joe Atalig

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